Asia Minor Photos for Sale

Welcome to Kari and Anne Vitikainen’s photo gallery. Here you can find colorful photographs from Turkey. Photos are for sale for your media projects.

Photos have been chategorized into four chategories to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. If you are interested in using our photographs, please, make contact with us. (info (att) When you tell how you are going to use the photo, we will send you a better quality version and tell what the compensation in your case is.

A shepherd close to Ararat mountain

Living in Turkey

Photos show different colorful sides of living in Turkey.

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An evening in Istanbul

Landscape scenes froM Turkey

These photos include secenes from different parts of Turkey from rural areas to buzzling Istanbul.

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Turkish girl at a picnic

People in Turkey

When you walk with a camera in Turkey, many people ask you to take a photo. Here you see some Turkish potreits.

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Turks are well-known for their mosaic-art.

Details from Turkey

Turkish life style is a mixture of many cultures. Streets exhale interesting tastes, smells, colors and aesthetic details.

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Photos have been taken by Kari and Anne Vitikainen. Many of our photos have stories behind them. Later on we may add some of our stories into the gallery. If you are interested to hear more about the photos, please contact us. (info (att)

Clicking the picture, you’ll see a downloadable that is of larger size. The quality on the web is about 2560×1695 px /96 px/inch, jpg. It is usable for instance for a web-page. Be in touch to get a better quality version of the photo (about 4256×2831 px, 240px/inch, jpg). Final quality may slightly differ between the photographs. You will find information regarding the photographer in the metadata of the picture.