Finnish know-how for education and intercultural dialogue
PhD Kari Vitikainen

The incomprehension of different worldviews creates a lot of conflicts in our world. The difficulties are reflected in international educational cooperation, business, politics and the integration of immigrants. On the other hand, cultural differences can also be a source of wealth and progressive and creative development.

I offer training and consulting to educational and charitable institutions and companies that are interested in cross-cultural activities. My expertise rests on my research work related to the concept of worldview and education. Theoretical knowledge combines with experience of living and working at the interface of Western secularism, Islam, and Christianity. The most familiar operating environments for me are Finland and Turkey.

Let's dig deeper, 
understand and learn.

Practical implementations for educational events and consulting can be for instance:

  • Team training and practical workshops
    • teachers’ education
    • global education and cultural exchange
    • integration of immigrants
  • Academic lectures and discussions
    • Finnish education system
    • Philosophy of worldview
  • Consulting and coaching
    • Curriculum development
    • What can be learned from a Finnish school and what cannot?
  • Dialogue events
    • secularism – Christianity – Islam
  • Cultural interpreter, networking and market research (at the field of education) in Turkey and Finland

If you are interested, get in touch and we will put together a training or consultation package that meets your needs.