Who is Kari Vitikainen?

I am a Finnish doctor of education (PdD), a teacher and an entrepreneur who has a colourful, international work history. In addition to my educator’s career I have gained experience in cross-cultural communication and media, strategy development and management of multicultural enterprises.

My doctoral thesis focused on the textbooks of Turkish religious education. Deliberations regarding modern humanistic worldview, Christianity, Islam and generally the essence of worldview have played an important part in my studies. I lived and worked in Turkey and its surrounding areas 13 years between 2001 and 2014. Those years effect a lot to my way of being.

"The worldview is not just a list of doctrines. It is a context-bound and changing way of being. If you don’t understand this, you can’t understand your interlocutor." 

As a pedagogue I am especially interested in the development of students’ transversal competences that are also strongly emphasized in Finnish new national curriculum. Understanding different ways to think and live, tolerancy towards different worldviews, religious literacy, ability to communicate cross-culturally, recognizing ICT’s powerfull effect and deeper understanding of different views appear in media are skills and abilities that citizens will increasingly need in the future.

The feedback I received from the leaders of the organizations I worked for:

Kari’s leadership and experience enabled the team to complete projects on time and on budget despite many hurdles both seen and unseen. Critical to this was his ability to inspire and train other who had potential but little experience.

Kari’s activities have exceptionally combined a thirst for learning, language and cultural skills, in-depth theoretical thinking, effective utilization of wide-ranging communication skills and practice organizational skills.

I got to know Kari as an energetic, reliable leader who is not afraid of challengesIt has been a pleasure to work with him.

In his work, Mr. Kari Vitikainen has shown to be a talented strategist and a visionary leader, who is willing and capable to learn the necessary substance of his work deeply and master it thoroughly. In the changing and culturally challenging environment, he has extraordinarily managed to lead, encourage and support his team to repeatedly reach and outreach its goals.

In her duties, Kari Vitikainen has proven to be an exceptionally capable employee who has been systematically innovative. Through his active work, he has achieved, in the midst of local culture, the expertise of AV production and Islam, which has been pioneering in our work in Asia Minor.